Lexington's ONLY MONTHLY Psychic & Healing Arts Fair Since 2010!

                      Mystical Fair: Lexington!

1 Weekend Per Month * Every Month at:  
  Expressive & Wellness Programs   1084 Whipple Court   Lexington, KY 40511
[email protected]   859-619-9998 

SUNDAY MAY 7th 11-5pm

MAY 20 & 21st!   11am-6pm
Parking: Front Lot & Back Lot of 1084 Whipple Court plus Lot Next Door (white building).

Next Fair:   APRIL 22 & 23 , 2017
NEW FAIR HOURS!  Sat & Sun 11am-6pm

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with a local nonprofit group in Lexington!  
Expressive & Wellness Programs of Employment Solutions
has welcomed our FAIR & FAIR FAMILY into their campus! 

As of JANUARY 2017 we will be holding our Monthly Fair on their grounds at: 
1084 Whipple Court, Lexington Ky 40511
This is just off Nandino Rd.  Near the main Post Office branch.  This is EXTREMELY Close to the I-75/Newtown Pike Corridor on one end of Nandino, and at the other.. it is just off Georgetown Rd (or 25).  This location is also VERY close to Downtown Lexington and provides TONS & TONS of private/off street parking! (Front Lot -Back Lot & next door-white building as well as on street parking)

Expressive & Wellness Programs is dedicated to providing adults considered to have intellectual disabilities and other barriers to work & education.. a place to grow, work & learn.  During the week, these individuals are provided with a multitude of programs at the Whipple Court Campus.  The participants can choose to do activities such as:  Art Studio, Culinary (learning to prepare their own meals in the full size training kitchen), Gardening & caring for chickens, rabbits & other small animals, exercising-in the gym or various yoga, dance and other classes on site.. or work in one of the on site employment programs! This truly is a place of learning, growing, friendship and support!  

Our Mystical Fair Clients will enjoy all that our new home has to offer!  We have access to large areas for our practitioners and vendors, a HUGE eat-in kitchen.. making eating lunch with us soooo much easier & comfortable! Our catering vendors are set up monthly in the kitchen to provide hot lunch & other refreshments for purchase.  Browse the grounds outside and find a beautiful garden on the side walkway and in the back you will find gardening.. fresh plants, (spring-fall) an enormous chicken coop & run with live (very friendly) chickens!  Also.. very friendly Rabbits and a live Koi pond in the warm months!  There are tons of picnic tables, awnings and chairs out back... for visiting, eating or taking a break!  

We cannot thank the team at Expressive & Wellness Programs enough for accepting our Family & Clients into their campus!  We'll be hosting Special Workshops & Classes here throughout the year as well!  Such as Layla's ongoing "Faerie Homes & Gardens Crafting & Art Workshops" and Patti Starr's NEW Classes & Programs! Look for Large VIP Gallery Events as well!

Here's a link to Expressive & Wellness Programs on Facebook for more info! https://www.facebook.com/pg/ExpressiveAndWellnessProgramsOfEmploymentSolutions/about/?ref=page_internal

Exactly What is 
The Mystical Fair? 

The Mystical Fair is the 

BEST and ONLY MONTHLY Psychic & Metaphysical Fair 

in the Lexington, KY area! 

The original Mystical Paranormal Fair was created  in 2010 when Patti Starr searched for an avenue to provide the community with mystic topics and studies, as well a place for those interested in the Paranormal field to learn and explore.  That fair ended in November 2016, but the fun, learning and exploring didn't!

Now in our new location, and with our new name: The Mystical Fair Lexington! at Whipple Court Is born!   Each month we offer the best in psychics, intuitives, and mediums, as well as a variety of metaphysical vendors, local artisans and crafters, and independently owned small merchants who offer unique and special items.  We also offer free seminars that you will not find anywhere else! We love SUPPORTING LOCAL, and that's what we do as we offer all these wonderful talents a monthly home in order to serve you, our community!  


The MP Fair is always open for suggestions so please feel free to send us an email or call/text us to chat!  We are always open to rotating new Metaphysical Masters, Healing Arts Professionals and Local Merchants and Artists!  If you would like to participate, or know someone you would like to see there, please email Layla Cook at:  [email protected]